What is the most suitable type of bag to bring for the mount Kilimanjaro climb?

It is recommended that you bring: 1 x Daypack which you will carry with you during the hike. (15 lbs) 1 x Duffle bag/Backpack which the porter will carry (30lbs) The daypack will contain the stuff that you might need during the day such as water, lunch, snacks, rain gear, camera and an extra layer of clothing. The Dufflebag/Backpack will be carried from campsite to campsite for you. This is contain all your other clothing, toiletries etc. You will not have access to this during the day. Dufflebags do not have to be waterproof as the porters will put it inside another larger waterproof bag to project it. Backpacks do have to be waterproof as the porter will most likely wear it as a backpack when carrying it.

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