What is a normal typical day during Kilimanjaro trek?

The day begins early on a trek on Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. Around 0600 hours, your personal porter/waiter will bring you hot water in a bowl for your morning wash before cooked breakfast is served in the mess tent. This is the best time for photos of spectacular views while the weather starts to clear and the skies lighten. Later, it may become cloudy or misty. By 0730 hours or a bit later, you will be on the trail while porters stay to pack up camp. Experienced hill walkers may find the initial pace vexing because of the need for acclimatization on this steep stand-alone mountain with no foothill approach range. A climbing tour of the majestic Kilimanjaro mountain calls for a special mind-set: allowing plenty of time, enjoying a gentle stroll for between four and seven hours each day, where scenery changes spectacularly between zone only a few hours apart, and much of the flora can be found nowhere else on earth. Your personal guide has time to explain what you are seeing. A packed lunch is taken on route. You will carry your own water with a sipping tube to hydrate you while you walk.
The porters will do everything possible to ensure your enjoyment and success on your Mt. Kilimanjaro trekking vacation, carrying all you do not need during the day, going ahead to set up camp and prepare an evening meal and greeting your arrival with a song. Hot water to wash and hot drinks with snacks appear before a cooked evening meal. Most days, there will be ample time to explore around the camp. Sunset arrives after 1815 hours and has a variation 30 minutes forward on the equator depending on the month, and temperatures drop fast at altitude, so you will not want to spend too long gazing at the breathtaking stars cape.