How difficult is it to trek Mount Kilimanjaro?

For those of you that don’t know anything about climbing the African peak and the only free Standing Mountain in the world: First thing you should know is that climbing/trekking Kilimanjaro requires NO technical climbing skills and is essentially a long hike. We therefore believe that anyone with a basic fitness level and some determination can trek to Uhuru Peak-Summit and all of our successful clients attest to this! We have taken old, young, overweight, underweight, blind, also people with Asthma, panic attack, smokers, low blood pressure, and high blood pressure to the top of Kilimanjaro and all of them enjoyed it and create life-time memories. That being said, Kilimanjaro is not an easy mountain to climb and there are a number of key factors to consider before attempting it such as route itinerary, length, altitude/attitude and type of training. These factors will help you determine whether you think you’re up to the challenge or not, all being said, you can contact us for more details for your preps.

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