Can l get delicious food to sustain mind, body and spirit while climbing Kilimanjaro?

To keep up your energy to levels, maintain body fluids and boost morale, it is important to eat and drink well. Meals must be tasty, nourishing and fresh. Most of tour operators cook knows the nourishment necessary at each stage of your African mountain tour, from meats, fruits and salads in high temperatures at lower altitudes, to hot porridge, soups, filling pastas and stews in cold, inhospitable campsites near the summit. You may not really want to eat or drink, so it is his challenge to tempt you with delicious, familiar dishes that add yet another dimension to your enriching Kilimanjaro trekking expedition with Most of tour operators. Comforting nursery food, such as toast, jam, honey, sausages and hot chocolate raise your spirits in the morning. Picnic lunches of sandwiches, fruits and eggs are easily carried. Snacks of biscuits or popcorn sustain you at tea-time until evening brings appetizing dishes like fish; mince meat, chicken, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetable relish cooked with spices offer fresh, aromatic culinary delights.

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