Are mountain equipment well maintained with extra comfort?

Tents are warm, sturdy and secure, suitable for all weather conditions on a Tanzanian climbing trip. A roomy mess tent with tables and chairs and portable tented toilets are standard comforts. Personal attentions, such as bowls of hot water to wash hands, faces and feet, and hot water bottles for colder nights are all cheerfully provided, but you are expected to use your own towels. Showers are not standard on Kili since it would be most inconvenient to strip butt naked in gale force winds and sub-zero temperatures, whilst the labor involved in carrying and heating extra water would be unreasonable; though, on special request for a convincible reason, we can deliver it with prior notice. Tour operators will do their best to assure a comfortable climbing experience as possible. If, for instance, clients are unable to use sleeping bags or need more mountains comfort, we can supply hire tent beds or carry other special personal equipment with the use of an extra porter. Read more on demystifying safety equipment for Kilimanjaro.

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